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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Indian Wedding Food

Saturday i went to an Indian wedding. Like most Indian weddings the food is Indian buffet food, but this one was pretty good.

It had some western style salads, chicken salad, olives, beets -- kinda like the Spanish buffet and Indian food for the main dishes. It was all pretty good but not that different than 101gas.com, though some used more expensive ingredient. Like this grilled chicken breast in some kinda sauce. Asscheap Indian restaurants would never have something like that in a buffet.

In the pic it all looks like ass, cos it's all mixed up and half-eaten, but it was good.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Big Daddy's Crabshack

Last week I hit up Big Daddy's Crabshack for a Happy Hour throwdown. 3-6pm and 10pm-close. Thirty Oysters, mussels, crawfish, blackened shrimp and etouffe.

The Happy Hour specials are hit or miss. The Oysters are awresome, $5.99 for 5. Mussles are a deal too, $3.49 a dish. The rice and pasta dishes are good value, a lot of food for the money. The blackened shrimp is pretty tasty, but a bit pricey and the crawfish are ass, though you get a lot. They are supposedly like mini-lobsters, but there's not a lotta meat in one, and it's a bit of work getting it out.

It looked like a war scene after we were done.

The food prices are good, but The drinks are expensive ($7 for a Keith's after tax), that's how they get you.

That's the blackened shrimp below.

Amazingly it's usually pretty dead most nights (like a lot of TO places lately it seems), so they sometimes close early.

One place that was hopping was the new York Street Keg Steakhouse. It is huge and loud, it was mad-packed with a bright lights, big city crowd. It's apparently got a kickin' patio (which I didn't get to experience since it was rainy). Worth making a trip back -- though it ain't cheap.

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Portuguese Chicken on College

We went to some Portuguese chicken place. Pretty big selection with roast and grilled chicken and ribs and sausage.

The place was tiny inside and asshot. The place was boiling and the dude behind the counter was sweating like a hog, so I;m sure the meal was 3% sweat. It wasn't cheap either with the half chicken meals with drinks coming to over $10.

We ended up eating it all in the park:

Up next ribs and sausage.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Recipe: tomato shrimp

I guess the bloggin' took a back seat to the world cup for a few weeks, so I figure I'd better get back to business. Last night, Karen made some tasty tomato shrimp. Here's the recipe.

1. Take a hot, oiled pan and throw in some minced garlic for a minute. Then add some sliced onion and cook until translucent. Remove and set aside.

2. Add more oil into the pan and make sure it's at a pretty high heat. Throw some shrimp in. I prefer peeling the shrimp first but you can make this with the shells still on. In the latter case you'll really want to have the pan hot so that the shells get crunchy and edible.

3. When the shrimp are a bit past halfway done, throw in some diced tomato, then crack in an egg. Stir it around to break up the egg. Chuck the onions back in. You can add some seasoning at this point, like some hot sauce and pepper. Serve with rice or pasta.

Easy but tasty.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Phil's BBQ and Linux Caffe

I was in the mood for a brisket sandwich so I headed to Phil's Original BBQ on college. There aren't too many real BBQ places in tha T-dot. It was busy with a midsummer College St. crowd, but I got my brisket sandwich pretty fast. The sandwich itself is smallish and it comes with a side (one of slaw/fries/potato salad). I got mine with a little cuplet of potato salad. $6.75. The style might be authentic American, but the portions are not. It was all very tasty and satisfying, but it won't be enough food if you're starvin'.

So so deal, but there's no real competition I know of in Toronto. It's not a super value, but I will probably splurge on a Phil's sandwich every now and then.

On the way home I stopped at the Linux Caffe. It's a small corner cafe with a slightly condescending hippie vibe. And I'm sure if you're not careful you'll be treated to a lecture about open source or some other nerdy obsession.

I paid 1.50 for a sorta small cup of coffee. It's a free hotspot and they have computers for $3.00/30 mins. They have free code if you give a shit abot that sort of thing.

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