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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Big Daddy's Crabshack

Last week I hit up Big Daddy's Crabshack for a Happy Hour throwdown. 3-6pm and 10pm-close. Thirty Oysters, mussels, crawfish, blackened shrimp and etouffe.

The Happy Hour specials are hit or miss. The Oysters are awresome, $5.99 for 5. Mussles are a deal too, $3.49 a dish. The rice and pasta dishes are good value, a lot of food for the money. The blackened shrimp is pretty tasty, but a bit pricey and the crawfish are ass, though you get a lot. They are supposedly like mini-lobsters, but there's not a lotta meat in one, and it's a bit of work getting it out.

It looked like a war scene after we were done.

The food prices are good, but The drinks are expensive ($7 for a Keith's after tax), that's how they get you.

That's the blackened shrimp below.

Amazingly it's usually pretty dead most nights (like a lot of TO places lately it seems), so they sometimes close early.

One place that was hopping was the new York Street Keg Steakhouse. It is huge and loud, it was mad-packed with a bright lights, big city crowd. It's apparently got a kickin' patio (which I didn't get to experience since it was rainy). Worth making a trip back -- though it ain't cheap.

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