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"Come on guys, it's Friday. Let's go to Upstairs" - T. Koop

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Afghan Eck

Afghan Eck means Afghan Corner. Really good food....the vegetable dish costs 6.80 and the Rice with Lamb costs 5.40 (Euros).
I go at least once a week!

Monday, September 03, 2007

College Street "Fiera"

I was surprised to stumble on the "other" Taste of Little Italy - apparently the Little Italy Fiera, and it seemed less crowded and more "Italian" than the Taste of Little Italy which seems more Latin American.

Saturday I only tried the tripe (see below) but Sunday I went down prepared to throw down. First up, rice balls in front of Cafe Diplomatico (College + Clinton) $3.00 ea w/ sauce.

I've had rice balls before, but not like this ! The rice was warm and cheesy, the filling was meat and peas and the crust was light and crunchy. Topped with a spicy sauce and just $3.00 it was a super deal, so I had two.

I thought gee, I never go to Diplomatico, it is really this good ? Maybe not, the rice ball isn't on their regular menu.

I also dropped $3.00 on a Limonade (ass raping). Running Total: $9.00

Next up, the reason I went down again. I can't remember the name of the place (corner of College and Montrose) but I spotted the sign : "Trippa alla Calabrese".

They had going a MASSIVE pot of Calabrese tripe, in a spicy tomato sauce.

$5.00 for a bowl with a buncha bread. Running Total : $14.00

Next to top off I hit up the stand in front of Dolce for some Gelato. For $4.75 you get a little bowl with two flavours. I went for the Mint and "Torrone" (almonds).

Running Total: $18.75. Steep for some street food, but worth it I thought (except the $3 can of pop).