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Monday, April 17, 2006

Recipe: Easy Tacos

Today I whipped up some easy tacos.

I like mexican food and it's pretty easy to make, but the problem is you always need a lot of ingredients.

-ground beef
-jerk seasoning
-bbq sauce
-refried beans
-hot sauce

I just sauteed up some onions and ground beef, and threw in some jerk seasoning to spice it up and some bbq sauce to sauce it up and some corn to make it corny.

I just spooned that mixture onto some warmed up corn torillas (flour tortillas would work okay too), topped w. some refried bean from a can, some chopped up tomatoes and a bit o cheese and some mexican hot sauce.

It's pretty good if you set up "stations" and people can assemble their own tacos. Yipee.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Random $5 lunch

Last $5 lunch of the school year. Haphazard menu which was being updated when we got there (somewhat late). The lady in the white shirt in the left of the picture stared me down when I took the picture of the menu.

Everything was more or less so-so. The "teriyaki" pork was waaay too salty, but it was nice to have the fresh garnishes (bean sprouts, cucumbers, cilantro, etc.) which were self-serve. I just mixed everything together into a casserole to mellow out the saltiness.

Well, I hope I'm not around for too many more of these $5 lunches. They are a good deal, but attending them means that I'm still here.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hello Saigon

Today we hit up an old friend; Miss Saigon which has been renamed Hello Saigon. Their lunch special is $5.99 incl. soup and salad. There's two soups, the default soup is really sour orangey/lemon-grassy and the soup of the day is a clear broth with a few chunks of celery and stew beef. I prefer the latter.

The mains are all Viet/Thai style (well they seem Thai to me) and come with either white rice or pad thai noodles. If you spring for the spring rolls, it's another 50 cent.

Chan had the pork stir fry:

It comes with Kim Chi on the side.

and I had the Red Curry Beef:

Which comes with cubes of fatty, sometimes grisly beef in a medium/mild curry.

The lunches here are tasty, and you get a variety of items, but at $8.50 ASAD it's a bit steep for Chinatown lunch.

Verdict: Not in the regular rotation, but a fixture on the extended roster.

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