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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weird Snack: Seasoned Kelp

I picked up this at the Korean grocery store, because it was only 69 cents and it label said it went well wth beer.

The pieces of kelp are pretty large and ungainly and they are dusted with sugar. I can stand the little pieces of kelp in yr miso soup, but the overall kelpyness of this snack is too overwhelming. Also they would be a better snack (esp. with beer) if they were salty rather than sweet.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday Brisket

I'm loving the Korean grocery lately and picked up a brisket ($4.00). The hardest part about making somethig like brsiket is the planning. It takes maybe four hours so you can't just decide you want brisket and whip it up, like a steak or some pasta.

I set it all up in the pan on Sat. night, with potatoes. Spices: Chopped garlic, crushed red peppers, salt and a good dose of All-purpose Soul Seasoning (which I really am finding lives up to the "all-purpose" billing).

For braising sauce I went with soy sauce, olive oil, oyster sauce and a bit of water. On Sunday I came home from my ride and stuck it in the over. Four hours at 300 degrees C. Slooow Cookin'. Here's the "after shot".

It came out nice and spicy and it all came apart in strands like it's supposed to. Here's it is plated, unfortunatley the pic came out blurry.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Korean "Roast Beef" - Best Steak I've Had

I spotted these great looking steaks at P.A.T. Central, the Korean grocery at the corner of Manning and Bloor. These were thick, marbled steaks selling for $3.95/lb. Five buck for three steak.

They were tender to the touch. So tender you can poke a finger through it or flatten it out my hand.

I rubbed salt, olive oil and a bit of pepper on to one. But the real inspiration was to rub on (quite a bit) of the "All Purpose Soul Seasoning"

It formed pasty coating which lightly covered the steak. Then I set it on the George for 3 minutes. I flipped it after two minutes and so that the two sides were pretty even (even though the George has two grilling surfaces, they never cook both sides the same) and let it stand for a few more minutes before eating.

The taste was INCREDIBLE! This was the best steak I've had, and to think they sell for less than $2 each and take 3 minutes to cook. Obviously a lot is due to the Soul Seasoning and the tenderness of the meat, but it would be hard to beat under any conditions.

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