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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More rolling your own

A while ago I developed what was a pretty good burger recipe.

This week when I went to Nosso Talho, the prices were dirt cheap (chicken 78c/lb. ground beef .99c) I came home with enough meat for seven or eight meals.

So this is a quick way to make some burgers for later, when you're a bit too strapped for time (or too lazy) to really cook.

I make up the meat into balls :

and stack'em in an tupperware, with wax paper between them.

I don't even have to squish them down, the lid does that and I toss it into the freezer. Six burgers ready to go ... cost ? about $1.00, and without all the dubious stuff that might be in store bought patties.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The "New" 101gas.com

Yesterday I headed to the new location of King Palace (aka 101gas.com), It's on Davenport/Church where they meet close to the Cdn. Tire on Yonge, on the south side of Church, and the gas station has been replaced by a car wash.

Everything else however is exactly the same, right down to the big screen TV on the right of the counter and the microwaves stacked up like Marshall amps. The sterile decor, the neon in the windows and the bewildering array of dishes - all the same. The number of combos offered is perhaps only rivalled by the number of hindu gods.

No matter what you order though, it hits the microwave; so sometimes your food might not be hot enough or evenly warmed up. The exception is the naan, which arrives crisp and fresh and is amazing for a fast food style place.

In the foreground you see chili chicken and aloo gobi on rice and in the background meatballs and saag paneer.

It's all decent, but this will probably not be the best Indian-style food you've ever had, but is miles better than a low end Indian takeout. The main upshot of this place is being able to eyeball a big selection of dishes before you order something up. A big advantage because Indian menu descriptions tend not to be illuminating.

It's open late and the new shop is pretty to get to from my place, so it will probably feature prominently in the rotation over the next few months.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Korean Bun

I picked up this bun at the Korean grocery store.

I was told it was a "vegetable and sausage" bun, but there might've been something lost in translation, since it didn't seem to have any meat in it.

The filling was potato with some peas and onions. Pretty savory and not what I would describe as an "asian" or "Korean" taste.

But pretty good for a buck-fiddy.